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Proxima Touch

Programming / Installation

Proxima Touch is an immersive interactive projection installation.  The installation was presented at the MFA Boston for their Late Nites series. Proxima Touch transformed the walls of the MFA's Shapiro Family Courtyard into giant interactive canvases.  By touching the walls participants created vibrant waves of color that twisted, turned and traveled upward.


Programming / Installation

Installed at Berklee Abu Dhabi the Shabaka Project is an interactive dynamic instrument based on Islamic tile patterns.  Participants are invited to construct their own tile pattern.  Each tile then turns into a dynamic musical keyboard each producing a different note.  Participants interact with the installation via skeletal tracking.

Summer Street Luminism

Design / Programming / Wiring / Concept

We had the honor of creating a projection map for the illustrious ILLUMINUS festival 2019.  The project consisted of a full building 3D projection map.  In front of the building there were four arms connected to four joysticks participants could manipulate.  Along with the joysticks there was a lidar scanner that would use the participants physical location to create blue bubbles on the surface of the building.

Andrew from Nhodeisland also documented much of the process in a daily video series posted to youtube.  Check it out below!

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Hardrock Guitar Hotel Content

Content / Design

We were commissioned to create a variety of animated looks for the HardRock Guitar Hotel including looks for the Superbowl, St Patricks day, and Christmas.  This was an especially challenging project because content needed to be wrapped all the way around the guitars form.

LED Installation by Design Communications LTD

Technically Furniture

Design / Programming / Wiring

We created a lighting installation for the Cicada Loft in Boston consisting of 30 glowing plastic cubes.  Each cube is wirelessly controllable via ArtNet via a central computer.  They are also rechargeable, waterproof, and can be arranged, played with, tossed around and of course... relaxed on top of.

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What the DUCK!?

Design / Programming / Wiring

After creating "Technically Furniture" Cicada wanted to add an interactive element to the installation.  We came up with the idea of remote control ducks that responded to touch and movement.  Each duck has a wireless accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that broadcasts its relative orientation via OSC to the lighting system.

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Chanel Smart Perfume Counter

Design / Programming / Wiring

We worked on a retail store experience that involved a very intricate dance of switchable eGlass, LEDs and unlocking perfume compartments.  The experience was controlled via an iPad app.  We provided electrical and system designs for the LEDs and eGlass, and technology integration services between the iPad and lighting network.

Fabrication: by Design Communications LTD

App Design: Valtech